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Q:How to get listed?

1. Send an email to if you own an online blogshop and business in Malaysia.
2. We will only link your blogshop if you fall under these category:

i) Apparel for men , women and children
ii) Accessories i.e jewelleries,  headband, sewing , cards,watches etc
iii) Food i.e cupcakes, pastries,cakes,local and western cuisine
iv) Preloved -selling used clothing,bags and shoes
v) Bags & Shoes
vi) Muslim Chic
vii) Beauty products i.e face mask, perfume, lotion, body wash, contact lens etc

3.  Submit your blogshop 

Blogshop name:
Blog URL :
Email Address:
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4.Please link our blog in your blog and 'like' our Facebook fan page to be listed in our shopping directory.

Q: Why my blog is not listed?
A: Read My Lips reserves the right to refuse your blog to be listed if items are deemed unsuitable and do not link our blog back.

Q: How do I get my blogshop to be featured?
A: We feature random blogshops from time to time and you can send us an email at of your updated blogshop.

Q: I don't have a blogshop but I have an online shop in Facebook.
A: Don't worry! We link shops in Facebook as well :D

For more enquires, do email us and we will reply right away!~


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