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>> Friday, December 17, 2010

Firstly we like to say a BIG thank you to all the blogshops that joined Read My Lips. We are still new & we love all of your blogshops to bits! Great job guys!!We will review blogs that are summitted & suggested by buyers. But we will review some of the fabulous items that catches our eyes. Keep those emails coming! We still have plenty of space for advertisement slots & its FREE. Yay!

Christmas is this coming Saturday & if you still have not found what to wear, lets sizzle this Christmas with colourful pretty items from Girls Overload!

Bandeau Bodycon Dress

RM 55

Pair it up with a pair of black sexy stilettos with a clutch to match.

Ruffled Top

RM 39

Also available in pink!
Looks pretty for a casual day out or by the bar sippin cocktail with your girlfriends.
We just love being girls; Girls Overload.


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