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1. Read My Lips stories are ONLY for customers who love online shopping.Publisher does not get paid for featuring shops and products within blog posts unless otherwise stated.
2. We will take no responsible on how trustworthy the readers are towards “the story” that was submitted by the sender.
3. Names will be mentioned , those refused to be mentioned will remain anonymous. 
4. We have the right to edit the stories submitted.5.All information are valid at time of publish.
6.Information listed in all categories (shop by colour, shop by price, shop by size and shop by type) are obtained from respective shops. .
7.Publisher does not sell the products featured in this blog. Kindly contact respective sellers to purchase.
8.All photographs, creative artworks, brands and intellectual properties quoted in this blog belongs to its respective owners.
9.There might be discrepancies in the information. Publisher strongly encourage readers to conduct due diligence (such as shipping costs or measurements) with respective shops before performing any transactions


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