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>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hi readers!
I bet you've seen our blog evolve from a simple blog

like the ugly duckling

to a beautiful swan !

Love our new blog header?


You can get yours done today ,
all customized and designed according to your choice at Dazzle by Sabrina 

If you're bored with you're current logo and wants to splash some new designs on it,you can get your's according to your design, colour and style .How cool is that? Here are some of the designs done by her  for Miss Aggie Shop

Miss Aggie Shop

Custom Blog Header (Logo + Decorations) - RM40

Custom Link Button for Labels - RM30

Custom Link Banner (Animated) - RM15

and RM 10 for static ones.

Among the attractive offers include:

Basic Full Blog Package (All of the above + Basic Info in Pages (upper tabs below header based on your OWN set of rules(terms and condition, etc...)  and she will help you register Basic Blog shop need in Gadget-Visitor Count, Online User, Feedburner Subscription Shout mix box, Feedjit Traffic for only RM60.

Get your banner customed made today !!

Email her at or visit for more details !


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