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>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here's some HOT tips for BUYERS & SELLIERS.Getting the phone number of the person you're dealing with is VERY important.We know some want to keep their privacy but those digits will make your deals smooth sailing.(sometimes e-mail will get a slowwww response)

Buyers-Get the seller's phone number to know that they are genuine.Its important to reach  the seller incase you haven't receive your items after you paid.If they don't pick up, use another number to call them.Be smart.

Sellers- Before you head out for your COD rounds, give the customer a call or send them a text. If they haven't reply or pick up , means they are not coming. Trust me. The safest alternative is to wait for them to call (even if its after an hour ) and let them explain.Then suggest the next meet up.

So guys! Hit the digits to be on the safer side.Read My Lips will share more online shopping advise more in weeks to come. Stay tuned! Cheers!


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