Sizzle on New Year's eve!

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets sizzle this New Year's eve as we count down to 2011!
Trend Reports ushers the new year with a special promotion 

Awesome news!

*Buyers who purchase any of the item from REPORT 36/35 are able to get 10% discount for the available items in previous collection,Report34,33..etc**Buyers who purchase more than RM120 or above (not including postage) are entitled to get a FREE POSTAGE*valid from 2nd Dec until 31st Dec 2010.

RM 58
Skirt ; RM 42
RM 55
RM 58

RM 59

Another New Year's Eve promotion!
Its FREE POSTAGE at Fizah's Clozet !
RM40.00 Semenanjung Malaysia
RM42.00 Sabah & Sarawak

RM40.00 Semenanjung Malaysia
RM42.00 Sabah & Sarawak

RM 39
RM 38

RM 30

 RM 20
RM 25

RM 50
RM 50
RM 56
RM 52

RM 38

RM 35

RM 37

RM 26.90 including postage

RM 6

RM 8

RM 28


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